On My Way

by Molly Hanmer

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All rights reserved 2015.


released June 20, 2015

Written and performed by Molly Hanmer
Recorded and mixed by Ryan Clark
Mastered by Piper Payne

Vocals/guitar/harmonica - Molly Hanmer
Bass - Chris Wagner
Fiddle - MJ Lee
Drums - Andrew Laubacher (track 1,3)
Drums - Ryan Clark (track 4)
Resonator guitar - Kenny Chung (track 1)
Slide guitar - Benjamin Brown (track 4)

Produced by Ryan Clark and Molly Hanmer

Album artwork by Chris Hanmer
Album design/layout by Mario Di Sandro
Photo by Michelle Robertson



all rights reserved


Molly Hanmer Los Angeles, California

Molly Hanmer is a singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA. Combining blues, folk, and rock, she presents a modern take on traditional American styles of music.

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Track Name: On My Way
Should I leave San Francisco what bridges would I burn?
Would Golden Gates close on me if I did return?
I hear the road a-callin', a crossroads in the breeze,
a teary-eyed farewell to my West Coast fantasy.

Should you leave me darling, will I find my way?
Without you I'm a stranger stumbling through my days.
I'd rather have you gone than a crutch on which to lean,
there ain't no use in lying as we'd be chasing buried dreams.

Well I got a little lazy, I fell into a slump,
now I must be on my way.
I played it safe and now I see
that I'm too young to have one place that I call home.

Time is pressing on me, always on my back,
his hand upon my shoulder, his breath upon my neck.
And I can't seem to keep up, no matter how I try,
stuck inside my own shoes as the world it rolls on by.

Head out to the East Coast and catch a jet to Spain
with the hope some traveling might help to clear my brain.
They say trial, tribulation, without it comes stagnation
and you'll cease to chase those buried dreams.


Maybe I'm just running, but what else can we do
but feel our way out blindly and keep on passing through?
Well life keeps getting harder, someone's got it worse,
and what is happiness without a little blood and thirst?

Oh universal heartache, a friend misunderstood,
without you I'm a blind man wasting all that's good.
Your tactics are unrivaled in helping me to see
when to cease chasing buried dreams.


Now I'm trudging though the mire
and thankful for the sun
'cause today's another day,
and time is just a gift we get to borrow for a while.
Track Name: Little Song
Does your love fade?
Does your love fade over time?
Does your love fade?
Is your heart still mine?

We laid in bed the other night
and I assessed whether we were alright
and I missed you though you were by my side,

If your love fades,
if your love fades over time,
if your love fades and are you still mine?

We never raise our voices or are so cold.
No it's the silence that scares me most,
I can hear a train coming, I can't detect a ghost.

I just want to know what's on your mind,
so please ignore my tears.
Because I'd rather hear a truth that sounds unkind
than a quiet so insincere.

Does your love fade?
Does your love fade over time?
Does your love fade?
Is your heart still mine?
Track Name: City Spring
I'm sorry son, you can't carry everyone,
no the world isn't yours alone to bear.
And don't think for a moment you have that right,
the world is something to share.

Self righteous you, you just assume
that your strength outweighs the rest.
Well have some faith, you have no right
to wear another man's vest.

All by your lonesome in the city spring
trying to find your place in everything.

Don't be so proud, you speak too loud
and not every thought should be said.
And the world needn't know every song you sing
nor every thought in your head.

So take things slow and watch the river flow,
the way the ripples dance from your feet.
And revel in the fact you'll be the only one
to witness this lovely scene.

All by your lonesome in the city spring
trying to find your place in everything.

So strap on your boots, and nourish your roots
for we're only as good together as we're apart,
and the heart of the forest can only beat
when each tree plays its part.

When you're feeling down, I hope you hear the sound
of the blood pumping through your veins
and you feel your flesh crawl when the breeze blows in
before you slip in the grave.

All by your lonesome in the the city spring
trying to find your place in everything.
Track Name: Gunman
Gunman's on the run
he's got a plan,
he's having fun,
he's coming for you
Gunman's on the run

There is no saving grace
What is mercy?
Even kids aren't safe
There is no saving grace

And it's 1, 2, 3, twelve for you and one for me

He's just like you and me
a broken home,
bad T.V.,
a restless cog
He's just like you and me

No pistol by his side
it's automatic,
the thirst for suicide
No pistol by his side

And it's 1, 2, 3, twelve for you and one for me

Shots ring and now he's dead
his legacy an
ode to our madness
Shots ring and now he's dead

The battle's just begun
the blaming game,
the shooter one,
there's no progress
The battle's just begun

And it's 1, 2, 3, twelve for you and one for me
Track Name: One Last Time
Come to bed like our bodies haven't met
Close your eyes, feel my warmth by your side

Don't be late for time is short, she doesn't wait
So hold me close, shut the blinds, the world's too cold

One last time
One last time

Kiss me soft as morning sun dusts us off
And so delay the misery of future days

Hear my breath for screaming silence follows death
Veil my eyes, forget what's next we have tonight

One last time
One last time

Come to bed, it's like our bodies never met
Your gaze grown long, looking past what has gone

The morning dew fell much faster than I knew
I saw you rise one last time from my side

One last time